Nourishing Life is a platform dedicated to giving people access to natural healing in a down to earth and powerful way.

We offer three powerful modalities that combined together from a complete health care system. Eastern Medicine including Acupuncture, Herbs and Massage is the ancient and modern art-science of using a holistic approach to restoring the body to balance. Food-Healing is the naturopathic science of using food to reverse the course of illness by rebuilding the body from the ground up. Finally Belief Work is a powerful system of exploring and changing the mental-emotional beliefs and patters which “lie” at the root of many health problems and repetitive behaviors using NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching.



We can be reached via web based sessions from anywhere in the world.  In person you can find us around the united states at Supreme Science Qigong events and Nourishing Life Retreats.  We  are based locally San Diego, CA.  Contact us at kai@nourishing-life.org or call 858-539-6496

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