China Journey

Travel takes us out of our usual patterns of thinking and presents the opportunity to forge ourselves anew.

Fellow Adventurers,

The world may have forgotten.  It’s time for us to remind them of the Jedi’s potential.  Each of us have been on our own heros journey working towards mastering the ancient arts of Jing, Qi and Shen.(Body, Energy, Spirit)

Such a journey begins in Sept 2013.  Develop your  Deeper Potential in China’s pristine wilderness, climbing the sacred mountains and experiencing the wild Great Wall.

Are you wanting a life transforming adventure?

Most days will begin and end with Qigong and Cultivation practices.  We will have intimate access to Master’s of ancient Taoist longevity arts and have the opportunity to ask them our deepest questions.  Each participant will be supported in finding or deepening their connection with source.  As we discover our inner gold, we will share our Personal Dao and Medicine with the group.

With the help of Masters who have devoted their entire lives to cultivation of spirit, mind and body, our journey will give space to our shadow.  The bond and accountability of our group will allow for transformation, growth and deep healing.


Great Wall Trek and Wu Dang Pilgramage- (Beijing-Kunming)

August 31st-Sept 14th
Arrive Saturday, Aug. 31st in Beijing by 5pm
Leave Saturday Sept. 14th. from Chengdu
Beijing (4 Days)
  • Camp on the Wild Great Wall
  • See the Forbidden City
  • Meditate on an Ancient Mandala containing the “secrets” of inner alchemy

Wudang (7 Days)

  • Train with Taoist Gong Fu Experts
  • Pilgrimage up the Sacred Mountain
  • Dawn the robes of a modern Jedi
Chengdu (4 Days)
  • See the Panda Bears
  • Visit Green Ram Temple and set powerful intentions as you light incense
  • Learn about the healing power of Tea
  • Introduction to Nourishing Life Principles
Qigong-Taiji-Nei Jing Mountain Retreat
Sept 15th – Sept 29th
Arrive Sunday, Sept. 15th In KunMing
Leave Sunday, Sept. 29th from KunMing
Kunming (2 Days)
  • Meet A hidden Taoist High-Level Taichi Practitoner
  • Enjoy Kunming’s amazing spices and cuisine
  • Unwind from the trip before going home or continuing on to the Qigong-Mountain Retreat.
Dali (3 Days)
  • Feel the ideal feng shui of the land.
  • Design custom tailored practice clothing.
  • Visit the pagodas on each side fo the city, climb the green mountain or take a boat out on the lake.
Tiger Leaping Gorge (3 Days)
  • Perfect your Taij form atop China’s most beautiful gorge.
  • Picnic on top of mountain Plateaus.
  • Enjoy amazing food and daily hikes.
Lijiang and Southern Cloud Retreat Center (7 Days)
  • Smell the chinese teas and tonic herbs fresh from the mountains.
  • Practice Qigong, Taiji, Taoist Yoga and Meditation all in the presence Jade Dragon Snow Mountains 18,000 foot peak.
  • Learn from the ancient texts of Chinese Medicine(Huang Di Nei Jing)
  • Taoist Tantra,Tonic Herbs and other classes.

These individual tools will give you a framework for finding your personal Dao.  For connecting more deeply with your inner voice and true heart.  Most of all each of these tools has the same intention: to improve your quality of life, joy and clarity right now.

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Cost:  (Meals, Accommodations, Training and Transportation in China included – Transportation to and from China is not included.)

2999.00 – full price
2700.00 – early registration (half trip) – June 1st
5400.00 – early registration (whole trip) – June 1st


Deposit: $999 to reserve your spot.

Early Intention Discount: More information Soon.

Due to the strenuous nature to spirit, mind and body, this trip is not for everyone.  We will be traveling, hiking and training in remote locale. You must have previous Mind-Body training experience, be in good physical health and feel truly called to this adventure.

We would love to hear from you:

: (858) 539-6496


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