3 Treasures

Your body has the innate ability to heal itself from virtually ANY ailments and to stay healthy. With so many factors around us that affect our health, we need to be actively involved in keeping our bodies well and strong. We believe that everyone has three areas in their life that have a tremendous impact on your health: your BODY, the way you BREATHE and your BELIEFS that cause emotions and feelings. We gladly offer guidance for those of you who want to take your power back and have control over your own body. A balanced, wholistic approach is the best way to achieve this.

“There are three treasures in the human body. These are known as Jing, Qi and Shen.”



  The most concentrated or densely-vibrating energy is Jing. Of the Three Treasures, Jing is the one associated most closely with our physical body. The home of Jing is the lower dantian, or the Kidney Organ System, and it includes the reproductive energy of the sperm and ova. Jing is considered to be the root of our Vitality, the physical substance out of which our life unfolds. The modern-day herbalist Ron Teeguarden tells the story of how his teacher – Master Sung Jin Park – likened Jing to the wax and wick of a candle. It can also be thought of as being similar to the hardware and software of a computer – the physical basis for a functioning system. Jing is lost through excessive stress or worry. It is also depleted, in men, via excessive sexual activity (that includes ejaculation), and in women via abnormally heavy menstruation.   Read More


  Life-Force Energy – is that which animates our bodies, which allows movement of all sorts: the movement of breath in and out of our lungs, the movement of blood through the vessels, the functioning of the various Organ Systems, etc. The home of Qi is the middle dantian, and it is associated in particular with the Liver and Spleen Organ Systems. If Jing is the wax and wick of a candle, then Qi is the candle flame – the energy produced via the transformation of the physical base. If Jing is your computer’s hardware and software, then Qi is the electricity that allows the system to “turn on,” to actually function as a computer.  Read More


   The third of the Three Treasures is Shen, which is our Spirit or Mind (in its largest sense). The home of Shen is the upper dantian, and it is associated with the Heart Organ System. Shen is the spiritual radiance that can be seen shining through a person’s eyes – the emanation of a universal loving-kindness, compassion, and enlightened power; of a heart brimming with wisdom, forgiveness and generosity. If Jing is the wax and wick of a candle, and Qi its flame, then Shen is the radiance given off by the flame – what allows it to actually be a source of light. And in the same way that the light from a candle depends upon the wax, wick and flame, so does healthy Shen depend upon the cultivation of Jing and Qi. It is only through the temple of a strong and balanced body that a radiant Spirit can shine.   Read More



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